Water, water, more water..

This is the Belleview Water Tower. The walking path circles Lake Lillian, as well as the water tower and water building as well. Beautiful spot to picnic or workout!

Thirsty Thursday!

Ths Heron was quite thirsty, it stopped for a drink at a local pond.
It looks so refreshing I almost wanted to take a dip with him!

Out In The Fields..

There are many beautiful cows in Belleview, but this one stood out. It was like he was ready for me to take this picture. You really can find some beautiful animals roaming Belleview, if you just take the time to look.

Starting Out...

This is Lake Lillian, near the Book Nook. There are entrances from Hwy 441 and C25. There is a track around the lake for people to walk and bike on, picnic area and a playground for children. I really want a better picture of this, but I will have to post that another day. Beautiful place!