This is the place where families can go to get clothing for children, etc. Beautiful building, it used to be a church. It's part of the Historcal District in Belleview, near Lake Lillian.

Garlits Museum

This is a statue at the Don Garlits Museum, which is actually located on the Ocala/Belleview border, with an Ocala address. You can check out all the cool information on this legendary museum at their website at: http://www.garlits.com/

Historic District

This is one of the oldest houses around the Historic District in Belleview. A lot of the houses were actually plantations. Many believe these houses are haunted. Around Halloween Belleview hosts a "ghost walk" where you can see all the ghosts of Belleview!

City Hall

The first city hall was a frame building built in 1884 by the Marion Land and Improvement Company. It included a bell tower and stage. On Feb. 12, 1925, the building burned to the ground after a fish fry. A second city hall was built on the site of the first one, but on April 8, 1935, it also burned to ground, catching fire when shards from a fire built by a local Methodist minister, raking and burning leaves blew into the bell tower. The Belleview Fire Department, of the period, was an all-volunteer outfit with one forty gallon water tank with a hose, mounted on two iron wheels and it was hand-drawn. With insurance money and help from Works Progress Administration workers during the New Deal, a third city hall, constructed with limestone from the area, was built between 1935-1940.

To Read or Not To Read...

This is the lovely old Belleview Library. Belleview was just a year old when the first library group was formed by Professor George Gary Bush.  He located the site of this library building and had books in his home for public use until the building was completed. The library was completed and dedicated on March 19, 1908. The Belleview Library building still stands today as the second oldest library building in the state of Florida. Last year the library itself was actually moved to another building just off Hwy 484. This building is now used for a book group called "The Book Nook".

Water, water, more water..

This is the Belleview Water Tower. The walking path circles Lake Lillian, as well as the water tower and water building as well. Beautiful spot to picnic or workout!

Thirsty Thursday!

Ths Heron was quite thirsty, it stopped for a drink at a local pond.
It looks so refreshing I almost wanted to take a dip with him!